How To Add Overlays

When browsing Twitch you are bound to see some streams which really visually impress. The streamers webcam may have a border or the game may be stylistically framed. This is because the streamer has added an overlay to personalise and add a real brand to their stream. Adding this to your stream is actually really easy, let us show you how.

Why Add An Overlay?

Overlays can add a air of professionalism to your stream. For streamers without a green screen it nicely compartmentalises the webcam and can help build a brand for your stream by having a certain style. It can also display information to your viewers, like most recent followers, subscribers or donations, rewarding those who perform these actions with a longer lasting stream presence than a simple alert. It also encourages more viewers to perform these actions by having them displayed within the stream itself.

How To Add An Overlay?

Adding an overlay in streaming software such as OBS Studio is super easy. Select scene add source resize

Aspect ratio


Choosing an appropriate overlay